YUBA Electric Supermarche Cargo E- Bike

YUBA Electric Supermarche Cargo E- Bike

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Eight and a half feet of cargo hauling happiness

From kegs to kids, this cargo bike can haul it all, no sweat required. Equipped with a powerful and efficient Bosch motor and intentionally designed to be the smoothest steering front loader ever, the Electric Supermarche is destined to deliver.

With features like infinite gear ratios, easy to mount step-through frame and adjustable cockpit, hauling 300 pounds of kiddos or cargo has never felt so natural. Parents will love the safety extras like always charged LED lights and ultra responsive hydraulic disc brakes.

With plenty of room for innovation, the Electric Supermarché is compatible with lots of great Add-Ons to customize your ride. Choose from different styles of front cargo containers, add a bench seat and rain canopy for the kiddos or keep your options open with just a Bamboo Baseboard and a couple of cargo straps.

Say goodbye to the minivan in the driveway and say hello to the cargo bike lifestyle.

  • Specifications


    • Step-through frame style
    • Adjustable cockpit and seat post collar
    • Frame Lock tabs
    • Integrated rear rack with Yepp child seat mount


    • Fits riders 4’9” to 6’5” (1.45 to 1.95m)
    • Payload: 300 lbs. (136 kg)
    • Bike Weight: 78 lbs / 35.3 kg
    • Bike Length: 8’5″ / 259 cm